The answer to the “Key Employee” problem

Every organization has one: The employee that we can’t do without.
“Only Brian knows how to generate the monthly sales report.”
“Mary is the only person who can enter the payroll data.”
“Without Jack, we can’t restart the server.”
We have nightmares about them leaving.

We struggle when they are sick or on vacation. How do we solve this problem?

The simple answer is to bring in an experienced person on a part time basis; someone who has the necessary skills developed over the years, just like Brian or Mary.

But where do you find them? Did you know that here are hundreds of mature age men and women who are very keen to take on some part time, temporary employment just so you can have that peace of mind. Flexibility is the operative word too. All our experienced seniors at SilverTemp are very flexible with the working hours you need. It may be only 1 or 2 days this week and perhaps 3 or 4 next week or maybe only 1 day here and there…we can handle it.

You would be amazed how many skilled, reliable, personable people we can provide to help keep your business running smoothly in a time of crisis…and almost all are available at the drop of a hat on very short notice…Give us a call to discuss your staff requirements.

Ask for Art on 0448 244 111



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