Ballina Council Ageing Plan almost complete

The Ballina Council Draft Ageing Plan is now on display for final input and commentary and it is a very comprehensive and interesting document that reflects the contributions of numerous community groups and individuals.

In short it recognises the need for seniors in our community to be included and active and able to make an ongoing contribution. After all there is a wealth of experience, knowledge and wisdom which surely could be spread around for the benefit of younger generations and for the betterment of the community.

One segment of the ageing plan mentions volunteering which can be richly rewarding while keeping our mature age citizens socially engaged.

There was also a belief that we need to ensure there are opportunities for older residents to remain in and re-enter the workforce. Many of the participants felt there was often reluctance amongst employers to employ older residents. Promoting the benefits of employing older workers was seen as a possible means to increasing this engagement. Participants at our consultation suggested that employment opportunities in working with the aged will likely grow as there will be demand for services across the aged care spectrum in providing services to the aged. This will increase employment opportunities in the sector and this should be promoted.

Here at SilverTemp, we heartily agree but it is good to hear our sentiments embraced by a forward thinking plan to deal with the circumstance that face our ageing population going forward. In the area of employment SilverTemp has over 130 mature age women and men who are actively seeking part time employment and we have been successful in finding over 12000 hours of work for seniors since we began in 2010…a small step in the right direction we believe. If you need staff for an office situation  why not give us a call on 0448 244111….and have a wonderful day !


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