Are job seekers getting a fair go with their JSP?

I just watched the Four Corners program last evening and it makes for some very interesting viewing.

Apparently there are some 780,000 people seeking work but only about 150,000 jobs so people are getting parked in the system because it is too difficult for the job service provider to get a good financial outcome if they spend time trying to place them.

According to 4 Corners $1.3 billion goes into the Job Service Australia network of providers each year and another $ 600 million into training courses run by the training arms of the service providers….that’s a lot of money.

If you’re interested in finding out how much the job service provider gets from the government when you walk in their door to register and what they get paid beyond that to find you a job maybe it would be worth viewing the 4 Corners investigative report that went to air last night…You can view it on-line on ABC-iview … and it’s called The Jobs Game….Riveting stuff !!

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