The Death of Retirement ?

Change is forever with us – a clinging certainty from which we cannot hide
 Extract from Everald at Large Newsletter dated June 11, 2014 written by Everald Compton
So, the time has come for Australians to accept that, after 106 years of enjoying a retirement age of 65, we must face the inevitability of it rising to 70.  Having said this with a strong conviction that it is a right and good thing to do, I totally disagree with the negative manner in which the Australian Government has presented it to us in the 2014 Budget by declaring there will be economic doom…. Fear is the weakest form of motivation available to humanity, yet this year’s Budget was riddled with it…. All the medical evidence currently available indicates that, for most people, the longer one works, the longer one lives. A key issue in raising the pension age to 70 will be the availability of work. If a 65-year-old does not have a job, they will collect the dole instead of the pension – so the nation gains nothing. The greatest job creation program in our history must go hand in hand with the five-year work increase…. While we are at it, let us do all we can to turn ageing into a national asset, not a burden….

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