Report: Australia’s Mature Workforce 2013

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Survey reveals jobs fear for mature workers

·         79% believe employers don’t value mature workers more than they did 5 years ago

·         61% motivated by financial return as they head into retirement

·         Flexible work times  most important benefit but experienced in workplaces of only 39%

·         Older workers ignoring Facebook and Twitter social networks when job seeking

·         27% had been looking for job for over 24 months

This week, employer branding and social recruitment agency, Ellis Jones, and Australia’s leading job site for older workers, Adage, released the results of an annual survey into mature worker experiences. Australia’s Mature Workforce reveals a deep sense of mistrust between older employees and employers and low levels of confidence heading in to 2014.

Only 9% of respondents feel employers are successfully trying to encourage older workers to apply for roles within their organisation.

“Even if mature workers are ready, able and qualified to do the job, often the opportunity isn’t there due to preconceived negative bias about older workers,” said Ms Holmes.

The survey of more than 1093 Australian men and women revealed a clear lack of dialogue between employers and mature employees, and a dearth of programs that respond to the needs of older workers. Over 70% of the respondents have not discussed retirement plans with their employers, suggesting employers are ill prepared for the effects of an ageing workforce.

“In a persistent trend we see employers unwilling to engage in dialogue with mature workers about their goals and options as they head toward retirement,” said Rhod Ellis-Jones, Principal, Ellis Jones. “All employers should have a whole of employment lifecycle program that engages employees about their future and is conducted separately from performance management regimes.”

A majority of respondents had a single driving motivation to find work: financial return. This is a worrying sign given the promise of superannuation as providing the financial security people want as they head into retirement. Less than a third of respondents received a government assistance payment even though 46% were unemployed.

“Our findings lend weight to the escalating issue of financial insecurity among mature Australians. We need more education and more engagement on superannuation earlier in the careers of employees,” said Mr Rhod Ellis-Jones.

With 27% having looked for job for over 24 months and 75% unsure or with no confidence at all in finding a job this coming year, all that many mature workers want this Christmas is a stable job.

To find out more and to download a free copy of the full report, please click here

Editors note: SilverTemp continues to promote the exceptional value of mature age employees to SME’s in the Northern Rivers of NSW and , slowly our client base is expanding as businesses see the benefits and abandon this age discrimination. Pity out new government doesn’t put more weight behind the case for mature age employment. Write to your MP if you agree or send us your comments.


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