Mature Age Employment

Reproduced from NSW Government Ageing Strategy Update – June 2013

Global Access Partners and the Australian Centre for Health Research partnered with the NSW Ministerial Advisory Committee on Ageing to provide a two day event in May 2013 called ‘A Future without Age’. A workshop was provided for mature aged workers to focus on refining the skills needed to ultimately succeed in a job search. Areas included: networking, both online and face-to-face contact; confident and successful interviews, including behavioural interviews; using social media to expand job searches; and how to work with recruiters.

A conference was held to bring together a select audience of government executives and policy makers, industry and business leaders, academics and social commentators for constructive, cross-sectoral and cross-life stage debate with a view to generating enlightened and innovative solutions.

The Work Ability Research Project will be completed by Monash University in June 2013. The research has endeavoured to measure work ability of employees in six workplaces across NSW.  This involved the assessment of the workers’ health, skills, education, attitudes, motivation, job satisfaction and the demands of the jobs and working environments before and after workplace interventions.

The promotion of work ability has been found to reduce the incidence of work disability, early retirement and absenteeism and increase productivity among the workforce. It is anticipated that the work ability approach will help to support the development of new government and employer policy relating to the ageing workforce.

Note: Work Ability assessment programs for businesses with significant staff numbers can be provided by a SilverTemp affiliate company, Experience Plus Consulting Pty. Ltd For more information visit their website at or call 0403031601 during business hours 


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